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Six Shooter Saloon is a turn-based strategy puzzle shooter for Android.

Unlike most other strategy shooters, players will have to use a limited amount of trick-shots to maximise efficiency in eliminating opposing forces.
That is to say ricocheting bullets around obstacles and barriers is the main objective.

Players will follow the adventure of Jim Beck, a bounty hunter in the American Old West, who has been tasked at cleaning up a sun-dried dusty old town, which has been overrun by the Westwood Brothers and their gang.

Players will find themselves almost completely surrounded by bandits and outlaws trying to break down walls of defenses to get to them.
Players will need to think about their next move and where their ricochets will end up.

Every shot counts in Six Shooter Saloon.

This is a Beta build and we would like to welcome any suggestions and feedback or reports on game breaking bugs! Please send them on to sixshootersaloon@gmail.com



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Install instructions

To install Six Shooter Saloon on your android device, please follow these instructions:

Download the .apk file to your computer.

Connect your android device to your computer via USB cable and select 'media device' if prompted.

Then open your android device's folder on your computer and copy the .apk file into the folder.

Once the transfer is complete, you can simply tap the .apk file on your adroid device to start the installation process.


SixShooterSaloon_v1-6-4-1.apk 46 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-6-4.apk 50 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-6-3-1.apk 49 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-6-2-2.apk 44 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-6-2-1.apk 44 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-6-2.apk 44 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-5-8.apk 46 MB
SixShooterSaloon_Dev_V1-5-7.apk 46 MB

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